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Ubex ICO Reaches Soft Cap Just One Day After Launch

Ubex ICO Reaches Soft Cap Just One Day After Launch

Global blockchain-based advertising exchange platform Ubex reached its soft funding cap just one day after launching its Token Sale. The Ubex ICO was launched on May 21 and the project had already filled its 4,000 ETH soft funding goal by May 22.

Ubex is a global, decentralized advertising exchange which fuses neural networks, AI, and blockchain operated by smart contracts. The company aims to create a world-spanning advertising ecosystem with a high level of trust and maximum efficiency in which all industry stakeholders can benefit from the power of AI and blockchain-based technology.

The platform enables both advertisers and publishers to receive matching offers and ad publishing opportunities that maximize audience targeting and ad fill rates while optimizing ad spend. Ubex’s artificial intelligence and neural networks continuously analyze masses of market data with the aim of constantly improving the system’s efficiency and accuracy. Blockchain-based smart contracts deliver immutability and transparency to all operations and transactions within the Ubex ecosystem.

Traction is building for Ubex, which has been featured in leading industry media, like Cointelegraph, CCN, and Bitcoin.com, and has received positive reviews from top crypto rating agencies. The Ubex team is currently promoting its product in a global roadshow, with next stops planned for BlockShow Europe in Berlin on May 28-29 and the Synco syndicate at the Blockchain House in Seoul from May 30 to June 3.

Ubex Head of Legal and Co-Founder Daniel Biesuz attended the International Blockchain Forum in Monaco on the 16-17 of May and presented the project before an all-star audience of blockchain enthusiasts and opinion leaders.

In securing funding for the project, the team aimed to ensure equal terms for all participants and to exclude any speculation or preference factors, so Ubex declined to conduct a private sale or presale round, putting retail investors on par with hedge funds and institutional players. UBEX tokens are currently being sold with the maximum available bonus of 20%, which will last until until May 28.

The Ubex Token Sale is scheduled to continue until August 13.

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