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A Blockchain David Fighting Against AI Goliath #promo

A Blockchain David Fighting Against AI Goliath #promo

If you’ve ever asked Siri a question, scrolled through your newsfeed on Facebook, or bought a recommended item on Amazon, then you’ve benefited from artificial intelligence (AI). Machine learning and AI are transformative technologies that are revolutionizing industries and growing at an exponential pace. Answering a Tweet from a user who wanted to tell his car where to drive him, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, responded by saying that, soon enough, “it won’t even need to ask you most of the time.”

No matter if you, like Musk, think that AI is “vastly more risk than North Korea,” or if you believe that it will turn life on earth into a paradise, all AI enthusiasts can agree on one thing. At the moment, commercial AI development is dominated by huge corporations like Google, Uber, and IBM. Only major players have the billions it takes to access the computational resources, talent, and big data necessary to conduct machine-learning research. The stranglehold that these giant corporations have on the field of AI is only tightening.

However, a startup called AI Crypto is looking to decentralize the AI market using the power of blockchain. The company is building a platform called the AI Crypto Ecosystem to provide a global marketplace connecting AI engineers, scientists, and small start-up companies. AI Crypto envisions the Ecosystem as a platform where computing hardware (GPU), quality data for machine learning, and algorithmic models will be exchanged and traded.

Ecosystem participants will be able to provide their own idle computing power, create data needed for AI research, and be rewarded for their contribution in AI Crypto Coins (AIC), which they can then use to buy services from other members.

Singapore-based AI Crypto is launching its initial coin offering (ICO) pre-sale on May 9th. Out of a total coin supply of 10 billion AIC, AI Crypto is offering 50 percent to investors during its pre-sale and public sale. The company has set a hard cap of 50,000ETH (about $34.7 million as of May 2).

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