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Global Head of Advisory of ICO Investment Fund Kenetic Capital to Speak at ICORating Summit

Global Head of Advisory of ICO Investment Fund Kenetic Capital to Speak at ICORating Summit

Blockchain investment fund Kenetic Capital’s Global Head of Advisory John Fiorelli has confirmed that he will speak at the ICORating Investment Summit.

Kenetic Capital is a blockchain-focused venture capital fund based in Hong Kong with over $400 million assets under management. Co-founders Jehan Chu, Stefan Verhelst, and Lawrence Chu have worked in venture capital and private equity with a focus on Greater Asia for companies such as JEN Advisors, HSBC, and Venture Smart Group.

According to an interview for Bloomberg, founder Jehan Chu says the fund is not interested in speculation, but rather in “tokens sold by companies with strong fundamentals and long-term potential.” Their “multi-disciplinary team” of blockchain and finance experts aims to deliver “domain expertise” to investors and portfolio companies.

John Fiorelli joined the Kenetic Capital team as Global Head of Advisory in May 2017. Before then, he founded design startup Cut&Paste in 2005 and continues to run the company concurrently with his new position.

The 2018 ICORating Investment Summit is a premier networking and ICO discussion forum bringing together investment funds specializing in cryptocurrency, successful ICO projects with actively traded tokens, and aspiring ICOs seeking investments, resources and contacts.

Tickets can be purchased at summit.icorating.com.

19 Mar 2018

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