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Bitclave and ICORating: How a third-party ICO analysis can bring you $ 2.2 mln in fundraising

Bitclave and ICORating: How a third-party ICO analysis can bring you $ 2.2 mln in fundraising

Bitclave, a decentralised ad network project that staged its ICO in late November of 2017, has chose to take its transparency to a new level and asked ICORating to research the project and score it. That activity only helped them raise $ 2,2 mln.

An ultimate goal of a project that decides to conduct an ICO is to raise funding for the initiative. Rapidly growing results of the ICO market in 2017, when the overall amount of funds raised with coin offerings has exceeded $ 6 billion, confirms that general public is quite willing to support an interesting initiative and faithfully invest into, for most cases, just a whitepaper and a roadmap.

These circumstances laid some grounds for potential scam and fraud projects. Several loud cases include interference by the governmental regulators of USA, Canada, China, etc. and caused some countries to excessively ban all of the ICO initiatives on its territories, or ban its citizens to participate in them.

It’s pretty hard to notice that an ICO is merely a way to seek funding, and behind each project there is a potential value that it can bring into the world. And the more clearly that value is presented to the potential investors, the more funds it can attract. So the ultimate project goal is to inform the group of potential investors of the project’s value, credibility and trustworthiness that will result in the future profits for the backers.

Although it’s imperative for the ICO to have every bit of information of the project out there in the public, either on the website or in social media, it might not be enough. As most of the people who are capable of purchase the projects’ tokens see these initiatives only as an investment asset, it is a good idea to present the project from that angle too.

That’s why Bitclave came to ICORating, the leading rating agency for the ICO market, and requested the analytical review of the initiative. That required the team of analysts to ‘dismantle’ each detail of the ICO and score it with service’s algorithms to present a rating report.

ICORating’s analysts assessed general information about project positioning and its value, explained project services and its usage potential, engineering features of the initiatives, the project’s position on the competitive market, as well as its advantages towards the rivals. Also, it included the risks evaluation, background checks on project’s team, objective analysis of project’s roadmap and white paper, an angle to its marketing strategy and, of course, project economy and its validity in the future. All of these points have shaped an investment Rating that ICORating assigns to the evaluated projects. In Bitclave’s case, we assigned a ‘Positive’ investment score.

As a result, the project received not only the report itself, but a list of issues to work on in the early stages of its development. Objective review underlined potential weaknesses and threats that could be worked on beforehand. But most importantly, the project has opened itself to a third-party eye, and that basically means that every potential investor has received an opportunity to look very close at the initiative. That transparency is essential in today’s ICO market.

Bitclave’s ICO became one of the most remarkable in the market history, resulting in project hitting its hard cap of $ 25,5 million within 32 seconds after the official start of the token sale. Referral analysis of the investors showed that ICOrating users have bought an equivalent of $ 2,2 million in project’s tokens (almost 10% of the overall sum).

As investment potential of the crypto market expands, and the profile of ICO investors is maturing, it is imperative for the projects that want to successfully reach hard caps to turn towards transparency and clarity. And the ICO analysis helps present your initiative as one of the most open and welcoming.

ICORating provides the rating of all the noteworthy initiatives on the market as they emerge, and in order to diversify your investment portfolio we recommend you to check our ratings regularly.

If you want to obtain an investment rating from ICORating that will drive the relevant investors to your project, submit a form on

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