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ICORating Releases Quarterly Report (Q3 2018)

ICORating Releases Quarterly Report (Q3 2018)

ICORating’s analysts have released their trademark quarterly report for Q3 2018. The ICO Market Research report is a comprehensive analysis of the trends and latest developments in the market.

Topics covered in the report include the distribution of projects by location and industry, token sale structure, post-ICO performance, institutional funding and others. The report is built on comprehensive analytical data and insights. Here are the most important insights:

597 ICO projects were staged in Q3, (compared to 827 ICOs staged in Q2); of these, 43% were able to raise more than $100,000 and only 4% were able to be listed on exchanges. Projects fell into two groups by amount raised $1-5 million (13%) and $10-25 million (9%).

London Football Exchange, Cryptosolartech and Alchemy were the projects attracting the largest amount of funds. The average funding attracted by the top 3 ICOs was $33 million. EOS still tops the list of ICOs in terms of funds raised in Q1-Q3, followed by Telegram.

ICO organizers offered different types of crypto assets for sale with service tokens (49.05%) and utility tokens (25.3%) continuing to lead the way. On the other hand, compared to Q2, the number of projects offering utility tokens decreased by 10%, while the share for security tokens increased by 1.66%.

Projects from energy & utilities, real assets and legal services showed the largest median hard caps. The most popular industries by number of projects are energy & utilities, financial services and trading. Financial services, blockchain infrastructure and banking & payments were the industries where the largest funding amounts were raised.

In Q3 the majority of projects were based in Europe (43%), which became the leader in terms of fundraising as well (48%, or $663 million). Asia showed a 65% decrease in funds raised and a 10% drop in the number of projects launched.

Download the full report for more data, insights and analysis here

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