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Binance Lists USDC Stablecoin

Binance Lists USDC Stablecoin

Binance has announced its newest listing - USD Coin (USDC). The trading will start on November 17 and for the moment, the token will be paired with BTC and BNB only.

The announcement states: “USDC is a stablecoin designed to be pegged one-to-one with USD (1 USDC = $1 USD). Please be cautious if/when the price deviates from this ratio.” Binance representative also added that there will be monthly audits to maintain the transparency for the coin and to monitor its value.

Stablecoins are increasingly being listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. OKEx and Huobi have recently announced listings for four stablecoins, while Liquid has also recently added multiple tokens.

15 Nov 2018

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