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ICORating Team To Visit Crypto Invest Summit In LA

ICORating Team To Visit Crypto Invest Summit In LA

The ICORating team will be attending the Crypto Invest Summit at the Los Angeles Convention Center, October 22-24. The event will focus on sustainable investing in blockchain technologies.

The summit will be hosted in two stages, presenting over 1500 investors, more than 4500 attendees, 150 speakers and 100 exhibitors. The agenda is divided into several tracks: women of crypto, security token,developers, crypto trading and healthcare. There is also a pitch session scheduled.

Among the keynotes, fireside chats and panels speakers are Steve Wozniak, Ran Neu-Ner (CNBC TV host), Devin Thorpe (Forbes), Matt Gierhart (IBM) and Dan Morehead (Pantera Capital). Some topics to be covered during the summit include blockchain for good, data privacy, successful crypto investing, building a crypto community and many others.

Full agenda and other details could be found here: https://cryptoinvestsummit.io/

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