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I have an extremely bad...

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I have an extremely bad experience with NERAEX.<br/>It seems that Nearex support staff does not exist.<br/>It is a trap and possibly a next generation scam. <br/>Facts:<br/>- no address, location<br/>- no human response in tech support emails<br/>- no one claimed to be a member of the staff of this exchange<br/>- Nearex name does not affiliated with anybody at Linkedin <br/>- No active Twitter/Facebook commments<br/>- Exchange is "registered" at Cyptocompare but has no comments, references, chats.<br/>- Nothing on Reddit.<br/><br/><br/>Questions to Cryptocompare team:<br/>Dear CC team. Did you ever have any real communication with anyone who is affiliated with Nearex exchange? If yes: could you please share their credentials. If not: why did you add them to the list of "active exchanges"?
24 Oct 2018 by CryptoCompare

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