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Hi there guys, I don't know what's happened here since the last time I was around!?... Actually I think it's kinda suspicious, so much complains and negative scores plus some Spams about some miraclous! service that helped them to regain their lost!! ;DAnyway, my Advice is to ignore all of them and do proper research. Final word is take a look at this generous gift and bountys from ECOS...04.09.20 BountyFREE, PROMOTIONECOS bounty — get free hash power for BTC mining! If you want to get some extra free hash power to mine Bitcoin you can do the following activities:1. Register an account on ECOS platform using this link and get 0.5 TH/s at once! For new users only!2. Subscribe to ECOS You Tube channel, watch this video, leave one like and one comment under it and get 0.2 TH/s by submitting your screen shot to ECOS help desk!2. Generate your own referral link in your account Referrals section and share it with your friends. As soon as they register with it they will automatically receive 0.5 TH/s hash power to their account. As soon as they make any purchase you will receive 10% from it (lifetime referral)3. Withdrawal proofsYou can withdraw from your account balance as soon as you have at least 0.001 BTC.In case you share your withdrawal proof with the crypto community (in ECOS chats, on forums, on crypto websites) we will grant you with 0.2 TH/s hash power on demand.4. Make a repostMake a repost and share this link on any web site or forum or social media (with not less than 50 subscribers), send us a screen shot as a proof and get extra 0.2 TH/s hash power on demand.
03 Oct 2020 by Trustpilot

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