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Probably Is A Scam - Horrendous Service. Here is a lit of problems I've faced and not been able to resolve after asking their support to help daily<br/><br/>1. Promised Bonus hashrate when buying a contract by sales rep. This was never granted. For 10 days was continuously told "I'll add it today" was never added<br/>2. They can provide no data about individual miners you purchase. You can't even tell if they are actuall on or not, how much they are earning, etc. You only receive a lump-sum total daily for all miners combined. This is fine until you run into a problem like a machine breaking<br/>3. They have no urgency to fix problems. I've asked for 4 weeks about details regarding a miner that was turned off. They have yet to provide a clear answer<br/>4. They do not honor their miner warranty. Even though a miner broke before the warranty expired, they have not fixed it or provided any timeline or responded to messages about it.<br/><br/>Overall they do seem to pay out, but given all of the above I get the impression that at best the place is horrible dishonest and disorganized and at worst might be a total scam. Beware and go somewhere else.
28 Aug 2021 by CryptoCompare

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