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BTC com has confirmed that they do not have any co-operation with ECOS and they have confirmed that ECOS doesn't mine on their Pool as well.<br/><br/>ECOS should confirm on what pool they are mining.<br/><br/>Sunny (Bitmain)<br/><br/>Oct 5, 15:14 CST<br/><br/>Dear<br/><br/>Thanks for reaching out to us. Sorry for the late reply,as it's National Day. Already confirmed, we dont have cooperation with ECOS<br/>Please let us know if you have additional questions or concerns. <br/><br/>Thanks & Best regards<br/>Pool Support<br/>Sunny<br/><br/><br/> <br/>Happie150615<br/><br/>Sep 30, 22:01 CST<br/><br/>Hi Team,<br/><br/>I am planning to invest with Ecos in their Cloud Mining Contracts. But before investing my money, would like to know if they are really mining with you as they have confirmed that their Mining Farm mines with BTC com and have asked to double check with you as well.<br/><br/>So would like to confirm with you if its TRUE or NOT.<br/><br/>Please confirm if ECOS mines on BTC com or NOT.
05 Oct 2019 by CryptoCompare

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