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A Swiss-based blockchain-powered exchange

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Solid exchange with a great...

3 Pending

Solid exchange with a great support team. Only lacks on the pairs count but it is a great exchange regardless.

Lykke Exchange 14 Feb 2021 via CryptoCompare

Mrs theresa was a real and very...

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Mrs theresa was a real and very...Mrs theresa was a real and very understanding representative.. she make every easy for me.. you can give her a try.... Read more

Lykke Exchange 03 Oct 2020 via Trustpilot

I buy Bitcoin all the time from Lykke…

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I buy Bitcoin all the time from Lykke to invest in and I can say they are the best!

Lykke Exchange 23 Jul 2020 via Trustpilot

good cryptoexchange!

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Lykke Exchange 25 Mar 2020 via Trustpilot

Lykke Wallet App

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I'm using mainly the Lykke Wallet app for buying and selling crypto. If you are not a real trader, Lykke is a good option taking into account the Swis... Read more

Lykke Exchange 22 Mar 2020 via Trustpilot

Good and trustworthy exchange

5 Accepted

Good exchange, great vision and trustworthy leadership teamTheir support is really fast and you can even call them and talk with real people. They ope... Read more

Lykke Exchange 27 Aug 2019 via Trustpilot

I do agree they have...

3 Accepted

I do agree they have a good team, but they still have a LONG road ahead if they want to be a top exchange.

Lykke Exchange 11 Jun 2019 via CryptoCompare

Their trading platform is full of bugs

1 Accepted

Their trading platform is full of bugs. Part of my bitcoin balance has been stuck of this exchange for over half a year because it appears unavailable... Read more

Lykke Exchange 11 Jun 2019 via Trustpilot

Needs a lot more work,...

3 Accepted

Needs a lot more work, but with the good tech team they have i believe we can wait great things.

Lykke Exchange 30 May 2019 via CryptoCompare

A simple UI with enough...

3 Declined

A simple UI with enough pairs for one to start trading. Lacks tools for more advanced traders sadly.

Lykke Exchange 28 May 2019 via CryptoCompare

With the lack of pairs,...

2 Declined

With the lack of pairs, i don't see it go anywhere.

Lykke Exchange 28 May 2019 via CryptoCompare

Not bad security for a...

3 Declined

Not bad security for a small exchange, still needs to improve but i'm betting on its growth.

Lykke Exchange 25 May 2019 via CryptoCompare

The lack of pair hurts...

3 Accepted

The lack of pair hurts this exchange quite a bit, though the easy assess and simple UI help balance things.

Lykke Exchange 25 May 2019 via CryptoCompare

I'm impressed by the simplicity...

3 Accepted

I'm impressed by the simplicity of the UI, lacks a few features but it does the job and it's easy to learn.

Lykke Exchange 24 May 2019 via CryptoCompare

One of those exchanges that...

3 Declined

One of those exchanges that are quite good and a few more pairs wouldn't hurt.

Lykke Exchange 24 May 2019 via CryptoCompare

Very easy to learn exchange,...

3 Declined

Very easy to learn exchange, though it really could use some more pairs.

Lykke Exchange 13 May 2019 via CryptoCompare

An simple UI very intuitive...

3 Accepted

An simple UI very intuitive and yet offers all the basics one need to trade. A friendly support as well. It is a god exchange for those who trade on l... Read more

Lykke Exchange 12 May 2019 via CryptoCompare

An easy to grasp exchange,...

3 Accepted

An easy to grasp exchange, perfect for beginners and not bad as a side exchange for seasoned traders either.

Lykke Exchange 17 Apr 2019 via CryptoCompare

Lack of advanced features makes...

3 Accepted

Lack of advanced features makes it sub-par for veteran traders, yet not a bad starting exchange for new-comers. Although it is beginner "friendly... Read more

Lykke Exchange 16 Apr 2019 via CryptoCompare

- Good deposit / withdraw...

3 Accepted

- Good deposit / withdraw service.
- Good fees.
- Decent enough amount of pairs.
- Slow support
- Liquidity could be better.

Read more

Lykke Exchange 09 Apr 2019 via CryptoCompare

Is there a support on...

1 Declined

Is there a support on this exchange at all? No one answers for a long time

Lykke Exchange 24 Mar 2019 via CryptoCompare

Trustworthy and reliable exchange

5 Declined

Trustworthy and reliable exchange

Lykke Exchange 12 Mar 2019 via Trustpilot

Been using lykke for 3...

5 Declined

Been using lykke for 3 months now as my secondary exchange, not disapointed at all

Lykke Exchange 08 Feb 2019 via CryptoCompare

Lykke exchange is very fast...

4 Accepted

Lykke exchange is very fast and secure. Its software is open-source and non-proprietary. it uses very transparent technology which is ideal for tradin... Read more

Lykke Exchange 04 Nov 2018 via CryptoCompare

Lykke is a great market to invest in as…

4 Accepted

Lykke is a great market to invest in as it is really growing fast. It also provides great platform for users and more than that is also having Mobile... Read more

Lykke Exchange 25 Oct 2018 via Trustpilot

I Love the Lykke Exchange....

4 Accepted

I Love the Lykke Exchange. I never find issue with the wallet while depositing. Its is an average exchange when it comes to customer support. I love t... Read more

Lykke Exchange 05 Oct 2018 via CryptoCompare

Awful support

2 Declined

Awful support

Lykke Exchange 17 Sep 2018 via CryptoCompare

Meah, don't love it, don't...

3 Declined

Meah, don't love it, don't hate it.

Lykke Exchange 07 Jul 2018 via CryptoCompare

Used Lykke to purchase some...

2 Accepted

Used Lykke to purchase some LKK last year. I found the UI very clunky, not a huge amount of tokens supported, and just generally not that intuitive of... Read more

Lykke Exchange 06 Jul 2018 via CryptoCompare

KYC process took 30 minutes....

4 Accepted

KYC process took 30 minutes. You will need to sync your scanned documents to your phone, so the quality is not just camera phone quality.
Read more

Lykke Exchange 01 Jun 2018 via CryptoCompare

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