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Great site, love the fact...

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Great site, love the fact that they have so many coin options to choose from - Also, rolls are all in whole numbers similar to rollin used to be. Im almost positive this site is ran by the owners of rollin as they stated that they were working on a new site when rollin went down. Max payout here is 99x since the max you can roll is a 99 or 0. <br/><br/>Keep a lookout for this site, only thing I wish is that there weren't so many beggars on the site. Seems like 80%+ of the people on this site aren't even depositing and are just waiting for rain. I hate when sites become a beggar fest! Hopefully the site owners fix this by putting something in place where you have to wager a certain amount before receiving rain.
11 Oct 2017 by CryptoCompare

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