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A peer-to-peer marketplace to match buyers and sellers for Ether.

Great site but there is ZERO SUPPORT for last couple of months!!

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I would have given LocalCryptos a 5 star rating for their site had it not been for the total lack of response I have had from their support to support requests I have sent to them over the past month or more.So basically there is NO SUPPORT at this point in time as far as I am concerned!Secondly, their support should have a ticketing system whereby a ticket # is assigned to each support request. This is completely lacking and as a result there is no 'history' of tickets that one can go back to refer to an issue in the past which was (for example) never even responded to in the first place!Thirdly I would recommend that they (localcryptos) adopt a support email - like every other decent site has - to address support issues to - and such emails should then be logged as a ticket by the system for whichever customer it came from.I highly recommend the following email address be made available for use: support[at]localcryptos[dot]comFirst time i used this address it bounced - indicating that no such address was even in existence.at the time! I then recommended the site create and use this address and it looks as though they took my advice since after I last sent an email to that address (about a month ago) the email did not bounce this time - but I just never received any response at all to my email!Just reinforcing my main point here that the support at present for this site is a big fact ZERO!!!
11 Jan 2020 by Trustpilot

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