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A peer-to-peer marketplace to match buyers and sellers for Ether.

Be careful!!!

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Be careful!!!I lost more than 500€ on this site, i sent the money to my address wallet (yes, i am 1000% sure i sent it to the correct one, i always triple check when i copy and paste a BTC address), the money never arrived. The support answered me that its possible that the money is in my wallet but i cannot see it because of technically problems and they will fix this.Its more than 1 week ago now, and they stop answer me since 5 days. I was never spamming them, only ask one time per day friendly if they please have any update for me. But no answers anymore.To, be careful with this site. I worked with this site in the past without any problems but now i lost more than 500€ and the support not even answer me back.
24 Jan 2020 by Trustpilot

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