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Be careful on localbitcoins

2 Accepted

Be careful on localbitcoins, lot's of scammers there. Lost over $6000 on chargebacks. Please improve your identity verifying system.

LocalBitcoins 13 Apr 2018 via Trustpilot


1 Accepted

ABSOLUTE MADDNESS i had 40 deals smooth and now loosing profits on crazy situations like that, Heres last 3 messages AFTER STAFF ASKED ME TO LOGIN TO... Read more

LocalBitcoins 22 Mar 2018 via Trustpilot


1 Accepted

I think the 5 star reviews left here are fake. Localbitcoins is very unprofessional and i look forward to the competition beating them. You raise a ti... Read more

LocalBitcoins 13 Mar 2018 via Trustpilot

Extreme Review Values as a Sign of Fake Reviews

3 Accepted

All the reviews on this page are either 5/5 or 0/5-80% of all extreme reviews are fake (according to my stats)G.P.

LocalBitcoins 12 Mar 2018 via Trustpilot

Bunch of wa~k€&s

1 Accepted

Robbed my coins support staff did 4 months absolutely useless use anybody else theirs 100s of ways to buy

LocalBitcoins 31 Jan 2018 via Trustpilot

A new level of incompetency

1 Accepted

LocalBitoins was my go-to place for a long time, however if you ever happen to to the victim of an attempted scam they will ban you from trading, ref... Read more

LocalBitcoins 21 Jan 2018 via Trustpilot

price range is jocke! UNSAFE!...

1 Accepted

price range is jocke! UNSAFE! They do all against all crypo idea! nobody need service like that! better just run ads in any local site.

LocalBitcoins 20 Jan 2018 via CryptoCompare

This SCAM exchange have nothing...

1 Accepted

This SCAM exchange have nothing to do with crypto! instead of help meet each other they make it complicated,collect private info and full of police ag... Read more

LocalBitcoins 20 Jan 2018 via CryptoCompare

- the most private way...

4 Accepted

- the most private way to acquire BTC
- escrow keeps the exchange fair and safe
- higher than average price/fees
- not c...
Read more

LocalBitcoins 16 Jan 2018 via CryptoCompare

The fees are high and the withdrawals …

2 Accepted

The fees are high and the withdrawals are too long and their support is terrible The rest is just fine.

LocalBitcoins 13 Jan 2018 via Trustpilot

Fantastic Experience.

5 Accepted

Fantastic Experience.After having been SCAMMED BY COINBASE I moved my bitcoin to here and everything went very smoothly with funds in my bank account... Read more

LocalBitcoins 08 Jan 2018 via Trustpilot

Good way of selling Bitcoins

5 Accepted

Was dubious of the site at first but it does seem a good way of selling bitcoins all the trader information etc is useful very much like ebay

LocalBitcoins 21 Dec 2017 via Trustpilot

Its an ok exchange, I...

3 Accepted

Its an ok exchange, I have yet to have a bad experience with it. However the withdrawal prices are quite high, especially if you usually like to withd... Read more

LocalBitcoins 17 Dec 2017 via CryptoCompare

Couldn't withdraw bitcoins, now I can't log into my account

1 Accepted

Purchased 3 times, first 2 times were fine, third time I couldn't withdraw bitcoins - site kept crashing, and now I can't even log into my account. Ke... Read more

LocalBitcoins 13 Dec 2017 via Trustpilot

Fraud company and website

1 Accepted

This company localbitcoins is a fraud. The ask you to deposit 0.1 bitcoin=more than 1,100 USD in order to sell your bitcoin or post an advertisement.... Read more

LocalBitcoins 03 Dec 2017 via Trustpilot

I'm a new user, BUT

5 Accepted

I'm a new user, i've ordered only 3 timesEverytime i paid at first and the sellers was super honnest.

LocalBitcoins 27 Nov 2017 via Trustpilot

localbitcoins.com is reliable …

5 Accepted

In my experience localbitcoins.com is a reliable, easy to use website. I haven't had any problems with it. The only problems I can imagine might ari... Read more

LocalBitcoins 20 Oct 2017 via Trustpilot

So many payment options if...

3 Accepted

So many payment options if u use some ewallet, and sellers add realy big percente to price of exchange, and fee when u want transfer btc is automatic,... Read more

LocalBitcoins 04 Oct 2017 via CryptoCompare

hi guys

1 Accepted

hi guys , hope you guys understand how fake this website is they will keep your bitcoins saying you did some fraud and then won't refund to you, guys... Read more

LocalBitcoins 04 Oct 2017 via Trustpilot

had balnce 0f around £50 in bitcoins …

1 Declined

had balnce 0f around £50 in bitcoins which is now zero they stole my coins

LocalBitcoins 17 Sep 2017 via Trustpilot

Each buy and sell operation is protected by escrow

5 Accepted

I had 28 trades to buy and 1 trade to sell. Each trade was done smoothly. You have to remember that when you are buying bitcoins you have to confirm y... Read more

LocalBitcoins 11 Sep 2017 via Trustpilot

I have done 21 trades on …

5 Accepted

I have done 21 trades on localbitcoins.com and all have gone smoothly. I can only speak as I find but so far I couldn't recommend them enough. I haven... Read more

LocalBitcoins 26 Aug 2017 via Trustpilot

They have blocked my account for no …

1 Accepted

They have blocked my account for no reason. The bitcoins I bought on there exchange are useless. They have confiscated them for no reason.

LocalBitcoins 09 Aug 2017 via Trustpilot

I suffered an scam

1 Accepted

I suffered an scam, and I lost 1 bitcoin in this website. The website did nothing to help me. I thought that the company worked in order to keep users... Read more

LocalBitcoins 07 Aug 2017 via Trustpilot

Wow! These bad reviews are...

5 Declined

Wow! These bad reviews are BS Trolls! If you need to trade some Bitcoin, this is a great platform! I've used it for 3+ years and NEVER had a probl... Read more

LocalBitcoins 27 Jul 2017 via CryptoCompare

not recommend!
local bitcoins good only...

1 Accepted

not recommend!
local bitcoins good only for drug dillers, they will be in jail right after start use it service.
normal people use other place...
Read more

LocalBitcoins 23 Jul 2017 via CryptoCompare

Now local bitcoins price$2832, wile...

1 Accepted

Now local bitcoins price$2832, wile all major exchanges about $1280. !
only idiot buy at local bitcoins.
Google how many was arrested for noth...
Read more

LocalBitcoins 14 Jul 2017 via CryptoCompare

realy bad experience!
Only profane language...

1 Accepted

realy bad experience!
Only profane language can use.
Bunch of criminals and agents, hwo try
privocate you!

LocalBitcoins 07 Jul 2017 via CryptoCompare

KEEP OUT of local bitcoins!

1 Accepted

KEEP OUT of local bitcoins!
corrupted , unconvinced, overpriced.
They going straight to collapse.
I not use local nitvoins any more and Read more

LocalBitcoins 06 Jul 2017 via CryptoCompare

Total bullshit!
Nothing good, rates is...

1 Declined

Total bullshit!
Nothing good, rates is terreble, I can buy cheaper enywhere else
Bunch of crab! not recommend to anybody

LocalBitcoins 01 Jul 2017 via CryptoCompare

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