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WATCH OUT!!!’ This is the most scammed…

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WATCH OUT!!!’ This is the most scammed and dishonest exchange you could ever imagine. They do not have stated investors pool of 400k (realistically it is barely 10k). Also, as soon as you give them your funds you will never see them back along with the purchased services. In addition, they sell services that might not be even existed yet to be provided. They will never tell you any success case of fundraising or average check the project can raise. The only one department that makes its job is PR department. It outstandingly monitors customer reviews and does anything to remove all bad and trustworthy reviews.PSIf this comment will get deleted , I will keep leaving the review to protect future investors and startups from getting involved into the business with these mr valentin preobrazhensky team’s members- scammers. Good luck and stay away from This exchange
preobrazhen valentinsky
30 May 2020 by Trustpilot

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