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Sold my bounty tokens several times…

4 Accepted

Sold my bounty tokens several times here. Rather good exchange, didn't find any problems while working with it.

LATOKEN 23 Jan 2019 via Trustpilot

Worst exchange!

1 Accepted

It is taking ages to make a simple exchange. Avoid it at all costs! You'd be better paying more but have evrything done in a reasonable time!

LATOKEN 23 Jan 2019 via Trustpilot

Terrible UI and full of bugs!

1 Declined

Stay away from these folks, they are absolutely useless and won't help with any issue you have.

LATOKEN 22 Jan 2019 via Trustpilot


1 Declined

Give me back my money that you stole, thieves!

LATOKEN 18 Jan 2019 via Trustpilot

How long till you process my withdrawal?!

1 Declined

Been ages now...are you really going to keep this charade going?

LATOKEN 15 Jan 2019 via Trustpilot

They havent send my my withdraw and…

1 Accepted

They havent send my my withdraw! LAToken is not working well, if you love your money stay away!!!!On december 24 2018 i made ETH withdraw and it never... Read more

LATOKEN 14 Jan 2019 via Trustpilot

Latoken Scam

1 Accepted

Latoken Scam. I am not receive my tokens. iam wait 5 days and all time withdrawal status: Security checking. This is fake exchange with fake volume

LATOKEN 08 Jan 2019 via Trustpilot

Don't go near these guys unless you…

1 Declined

Don't go near these guys unless you want to lose your coins and have your personal data abused.

LATOKEN 03 Jan 2019 via Trustpilot

The worst exchange be careful all your…

1 Accepted

The worst exchange be careful all your funds will be stolen by them.Tech support worst ,withdrawal of funds minimum 1 week to 1 monthF$$k y#o LATOKEN... Read more

LATOKEN 02 Jan 2019 via Trustpilot

It's a pure scam!

1 Accepted

It's a pure scam!! They are holding my crypto for more than 5 days and canceled my withdrawal with no reason for that. Firstly it was security check,... Read more

LATOKEN 29 Dec 2018 via Trustpilot

LATOKEN not up to standard

1 Accepted

Compared to other mainstream exchanges, this one is terrible. Prices are much higher, service is very slow and support staff are arrogant. They did me... Read more

LATOKEN 28 Dec 2018 via Trustpilot

Bad exchange

1 Accepted

Bad exchange! Beware! They are scamming people when you try to withdraw your coins. They offer zero support and just keep you busy and come up with so... Read more

LATOKEN 26 Dec 2018 via Trustpilot

Why Is LAToken Exchange listing NKD Technology Scam company tokens Founders wanted by police?

1 Accepted

LAToken recently listed NKD Technology tokens NKD/ETH on their exchange whose founders Marco Robinson and Malvindran Ganesh have scammed investors gl... Read more

LATOKEN 14 Dec 2018 via Trustpilot

Undervalued diamond

4 Accepted

One of the most undervalued exchanges. I think soon they will enter the top 10Excellent tech support and low trading fees

LATOKEN 11 Dec 2018 via Trustpilot

Unprofessional exchange

2 Accepted

Used them for some time, they are very unprofessional when handling your issues and they just seem to not care at all. Would not recommend, despite th... Read more

LATOKEN 10 Dec 2018 via Trustpilot

Really bad exchange that doesn't care!

2 Accepted

These guys have kept my funds hostage for over 2 months, refusing to answer my support tickets with even an automated message! Hoping their exposure h... Read more

LATOKEN 06 Dec 2018 via Trustpilot


1 Accepted

Trying to scam your honest users? Really? Have spent the last months trying to solve a basic withdrawal issue and your support is useless and can't he... Read more

LATOKEN 27 Nov 2018 via Trustpilot

This platform is really pathetic to use…

2 Accepted

This platform is really pathetic to use as they don’t support any fiat currencies. Being a new trader when I tried searching information regarding tra... Read more

LATOKEN 25 Oct 2018 via Trustpilot

I will only be happy if this exchange…

2 Accepted

I will only be happy if this exchange improve their customer support. It is hectic waiting for them to resolve my issues. This make me to stop my trad... Read more

LATOKEN 23 Oct 2018 via Trustpilot

Latoken is registered offshore

2 Accepted

Latoken is registered offshore. Generally, the companies which has been registered offshore will not have that great trust. The leverage charges are n... Read more

LATOKEN 12 Oct 2018 via Trustpilot

This exchange is full of scam

1 Accepted

This exchange is full of scam. I don't even consider them as an exchange. I need at least a year to get their attention. I hate their support. They ke... Read more

LATOKEN 09 Oct 2018 via Trustpilot

LATOKEN is a big scam

1 Accepted

LATOKEN is a big scam. I have lost more than 3000$ by investing with them. The customer support really sucks. It has been almost 45 days still no res... Read more

LATOKEN 02 Oct 2018 via Trustpilot


1 Declined

Warning!! I logged in and they stole all my bitcoins!!

LATOKEN 15 Jul 2018 via Trustpilot

Latoken is a scam and steal your funds…

1 Declined

Latoken is a scam and steal your funds please don't trade on this shady exchange

LATOKEN 15 Jul 2018 via Trustpilot

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