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Needs more coins and pairs...

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Needs more coins and pairs in my opinion to be worthy of a "test drive"

LakeBTC 14 Feb 2021 via CryptoCompare

I have used LakeBTC to buy BTC so I can…

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I have used LakeBTC to buy BTC so I can invest in and the process was easy and fun. Thank you.

LakeBTC 21 Jul 2020 via Trustpilot


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Withdrawal of money after buying of assets is impossible.Contact Adele to aid in getting back lost assets... Check héader for details.

LakeBTC 02 Jul 2020 via Trustpilot

please stay away from Lake BTC and if…

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please stay away from Lake BTC and if you are a victim like i once was , please reach out to Andrew Feldstein by my profile and he would help you to t... Read more

LakeBTC 11 Apr 2020 via Trustpilot

I had the worst experience with…

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I had the worst experience with as they are cheat and fraud. Don’t ever fall for them. If you are interested in Crypto Currency all the gr... Read more

LakeBTC 13 Mar 2020 via Trustpilot

100% internet scam

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Never send them money !!At first they look normal, but later the scam starts.I know 3 friends who were scammed (they stole all their money)

LakeBTC 17 Nov 2019 via Trustpilot

Slow withdraws coupled with slow...

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Slow withdraws coupled with slow support ends up making an acceptable exchange terrible and unbearable.

LakeBTC 14 Jun 2019 via CryptoCompare

Requested to withdraw my money...

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Requested to withdraw my money into my bank account for almost a week now. Contacted customer support, but they were non-existent. Still waiting on th... Read more

LakeBTC 05 Feb 2018 via CryptoCompare

Bitcoin exchange:
LakeBTC handles BTC deposits...

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Bitcoin exchange:
LakeBTC handles BTC deposits and withdrawals quickly and efficiently. BTC trading works well enough, though lack of support for...
Read more

LakeBTC 23 Jul 2017 via CryptoCompare

There is a big problem...

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There is a big problem currently with LakeBTC that is a result of their lakebanker program. This information was not well presented and hidden among t... Read more

LakeBTC 19 Jul 2017 via CryptoCompare

Hi. I have mixed feelings...

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Hi. I have mixed feelings about the exchange. I did withdraw 2 times. Had to wait few days for withdrawal to be accepted, and then few days to be comp... Read more

LakeBTC 07 Jul 2017 via CryptoCompare

not bad, but looks impossible...

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not bad, but looks impossible to withdraw money back. SEPA has very high fees and it's pending since 5 days. No answers at all from the support. h... Read more

LakeBTC 25 Jun 2017 via CryptoCompare

great exchange

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great exchange

LakeBTC 07 Jun 2017 via CryptoCompare

Great company

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Great company

LakeBTC 05 Jan 2017 via CryptoCompare


very many payment methods are...

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very many payment methods are available to choose with peer to peer deposit and withdrawal, exciting point is that also can choose to...
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LakeBTC 03 Nov 2015 via CryptoCompare

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