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Anyone wanting to use this exchange...DON'T!!! I would give 0/5 if I could as it's utterly useless!! I've never in my life encountered such a useless website in all my days on the internet! Their customer service doesn't seem to understand what I'm on about either. (I presume they don't speak/understand English very well). I created an account weeks ago fine, but now I can't log back in! I enter my password fine but then it asks me for an answer to a security question. (I don't even recall answering these questions on signing up tbh). They want my mother's "birthdate" but don't tell me in what format they require. IE: January 31st 1950, 31st January 1950, 31/01/50, 01/31/50, 31/01/1950, 01/31/1950, 310150, 31011950, 013150, 01311950, 31150, 3111950, 13150,1311950 etc etc etc...and if you don't GUESS what they want in 3 goes you're then blocked for a few hours before you can try again!! (The birthdate I use here in the example is made up btw!)
Lee Oliver
22 Feb 2019 by Trustpilot

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