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True it is a scam

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True it is a scam. I have contacted them about my account SHA-256.It did earn for a while but since May 2019 it has earned nothing wiped out by the maintenance fee. I asked why they still offer contracts if it does not earn anything they replied that BTH needs to go up which it has but still no earnings. I Would not bother investing. as the BCH mining has halved which makes it even worse. IQ have requested my I formation so sent it to them as yet I have no reply... But they still offer 35% off all contracts knowing some don't earn. It would be better if they put a disclaimer on the Web site for contracts that are earning below the maintenance fee before anyone buys them.. Still they can offer 35% off contracts but not the maintenance feeAs for the comments below to buy ETH that's fine if you have not already invested for a year in sha256
07 Jun 2020 by Trustpilot

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