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To begin with, most users here have reviewed the website as a scam. I'll explain here only me experience with the platform. I've been investing for a full yearly term with IQ Mining on SHA-256 and invested a total of $2560 from June 2019 until June 2020. Throughout the whole period of the active contracts, I've been recording my daily payouts purely while subtracting the maintenance fees. By the end of the term I've noted that I've totally withdrawn 0.29 BTC (1 BTC=$11382 on 12/10/2020), giving a total paid value by IQ Mining of $3293 for the full 1 year contract. Throughout the whole time I've seen a lot of fluctuations in the daily payouts depending on the increase or decrease of the price of BTC/USD, and most of the time the fluctuations have only decreased the payouts with time, while the payouts stayed the same, or even decreased further, when the price of BTC increased. Customer care were attentive and helpful whenever I made a contact; which was once to switch a contract, and the other times when I needed to inquire about the way the payouts are being calculated relating to the BTC price, in which they weren't very helpful and the answers were just typical. It's important to note that as per my thoughts, it's a pure Ponzi scheme platform that collects money from others and pays you back your investments plus the ROI. Simple. But dealing with cryptocurrency can deeply float or destroy your investments on IQ Mining. You're basically safe whenever the crypto price is up and flourishing, while you aren't really safe on the opposite criteria. Whatever their claims that the investments are being put in the market, traded, or mined, or whatever, I honestly don't believe that. Anyway, could be true or not. At the beginning you'll see that your payouts are great and increasing for a month or two, then they will decrease with time. And no matter how much the BTC prices are, your payouts will decrease with time to fit the criteria of how much ROI you're expected to make for your selected contract. So please don't be surprised that your payouts will keep decreasing instead of the opposite or be them stable. For myself and with full honesty, and despite the other reviewers' reviews, I haven't been scammed by IQ Mining. I was promised a %125 ROI on my investments, which is actually getting your money back plus a %25 extra return. I've invested $2560 on SHA-256 with a promise of %125, so I got back, with today's BTC rates, the equivalent of $3250 (0.29 BTC), which is pretty acceptable. So, in my experience, I've got no reason not to give IQ Mining a 5 stars rate as they've fulfilled their side of the business. Problems with the platform or glitches happen, but at least IQ Mining paid consistently. And it's very important to put in mind that the most of crypto rapid returns funds are actually scams and there are always risks when dealing with the cryptocurrency business in general.
11 Oct 2020 by Trustpilot

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