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IQ Mining

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SCAM Alert - see breakdown of returns

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Avoid this unless you're fine to lose all your money. You are better off opening an exchange account and just purchase BTC.I opened a 12 month contract in July 2019 - spent $1485 for a total of 39781 GH/s (BTC).My monthly net profit (payout - fees) this year are as follows:Jan 2020: 0.0086590 BTCFeb 2020: 0.0072995 BTCMar 2020: 0.0012874 BTCApr 2020: 0.0000259 BTCIn theory I would need to make $123.75 per month just to break even. This has never happened during the course of the contract. Be wary of the claims on the website - they often quote the gross payout without factoring in their fees. The fees are high and wipe outs any potential profit.
10 May 2020 by Trustpilot

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