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Please pay attention to this website-…

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Please pay attention to this website- we are unable to cash out our BTC. All in all, we made a loss business with bought Hashrates as the maintenance fees have been higher as the income. Now, we want to pay out our small amount of 0,07 BTC and wait since 3 weeks for a approval. After many mails we received a reply that due to IQ Mining Anti-Monetory Laundring Policy we have a provide a couple of documents which need to be translated and need an Apostile from Government. That will costs us a couple of hundred EUR in our country.IQ Mining does not pay out our money until now. We provided our ID cards (both sides), passport (both sides), bank cards (both sides), payment confirmation and we still get an email that we have to provide following:A notarized English translation with Apostile stamp of the following documents:- Bank statement;- Credit card statement;- Utility bill;- Rent agreement;- Insurance statement;- Tax document;- Residence certificate;- Proof of earnings (Source of funds).Proof of origin of your funds, that were transferred to our company. We have to request documents, that confirm your Crypto currency purchase and further transfer to our company. Following documents may be accepted:- notarized English translation with Apostile stamp for all following documents:- Bank statement with clear information of Crypto currencies purchase;- Any other statement, that can approve the origin of the Crypto currencies purchase, that you've used for buying a contract on our website;- Screenshots from your Crypto currency wallet's Transaction history list, where we will be able to see transactions, that you've used to buy a contract on our website (no Apostile stamp for these documents is NOT needed)PLEASE PAY attention. They are holding your money and do not payout it. It is impossible to provide all these documents translated and with an Apostile and they know that. We are speaking about 500 EUR BTC and they demand so many proofs just to not pay out your earned money. That is fraud!Their website doesn't even have a real imprint with all mandatory information and they tell us something about "Anti-Monetory Laundring Policy"? Please be careful and do not invest your money their.I know that they will mark my review as "NOT GENUINE" but I can proof all and provide documents to support and community!
24 Nov 2020 by Trustpilot

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