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I gave them 1 start

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I gave them 1 start, but but don't deserve even 1 start. When I bought my first contract for about 300 dollars they were paying about 1 usd per day. But after I bought another contract for around 1800 usd, I still recieving 1 usd per day even when the Balance statement said that I should be getting around 4 usd per day because that is what my statement said. After 100 emails to their customers support I continue receiving the same BS robot messages and nobody want to fix my problem. They are stealing my money. Don't try invest your money with this company because you will waste it. This company is stealing our money. I hope one day we can do something about it. If anybody knows how to make them accountable for what they are doing I will be so happy if they go to jail and we can get some of our money back. Thanks.22-Oct-2019 After I wrote this review about this company, someone emailed me to let me know that they read my review in this website and that they are a trusted company. They told me that there is nothing they can do because they have to charge for maintenance which is like 75% of what my contract is making. So, if my contract makes 4 usd, they take 3 usd and they deposit 1 usd to my balance. But, when I bought my contract, it just said that it will be making from 3-4 usd depending on the actual price of BTC. To me this doesn't make sense because if you buy more power your contract should be making more not about the same. Their excuse is that BTC is low, but I was getting the same amount when BTC was about the same price. Now they are taking almost all the BTC my contract is producing. One day this company will have to respond to the authorities for what they are doing to the customers. Now they are requesting more information from this website about me to confirm if this is a real review. The answer to your question is YES. This is a Real and Original review. I won't be making false statements about a company without proof. By the way, I am not the only unsatisfy customer with a bad review about your company.
07 Oct 2019 by Trustpilot

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