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BITCOIN is secure, but dont fall for CONS like IQMINING!

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Cons:1)If you pay with credit cards, you only end up getting much lesser HAshpower as shown in your original order screen. Their payment gateway has charges, which arent mentioned anywhere, and is a wild range (3-5%), in my case the overall total value received was 16% less than what i ordered. In the end, only that the account manager had to say was to pay using Bitcoins next time.2) True, all profits made are erased in Maintenance fees. I earn close to 0.0004500 BTC per day, and 0.0003800BTC is taken out as maintenance fees. Leaving me with 0.00006 BTC per day. Please remember this is for 25TH of power.3) Auto-reinvest may not be a good bargain. If you really feel that you need to increase your hashpower withdraw a lot of coin collected and use the PROMO periods to buyback hashpower. Autoinvesting is a low $$/THs investment.4) The site seems less updated in most areas, and the only thing the company is concerned about is collecting fees from its customers, than deliver value.Genesis Mining promises less, but delivers mostly on what they advertise. Their only recent hiccup was the cancellation of the lifelong contracts that were in place.UPDATE (04/27) Please stay away from their Trading platform as well. Its a Ponzi scam run by a bunch of Criminal thugs from East Europe.They interfere in all your trades (auto-closed/cancel), and you end up losing money. Their trick is to sell advertisements, and then once you fall for them, they start Bleeding you, bit by bit, to the point that you dont realize. They'd do better by naming themselves LEECH MINING. They need to be shut down until a time, they publish their policies online and are liable for what they do.Moreover, their Customer support team are a bunch of ignorant migrant worlers, who only know how to say Hello, and everything afterwards make you pull your own hair.
21 Apr 2020 by Trustpilot

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