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Android and iOS Multi-currency Wallet.

I really wish I had read reviews before…

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I really wish I had read reviews before using this wallet... it is a rip off as claimed. It seems most of the positive reviews I've seen are suspiciously viet, so I think most of their base is vietnamese, legit or not. That aside, I think my Cardano tokens is basically lost. I transferred it in and staked it to Moonstake (4). I now cannot find a way to unstake it and/or transfer it out. When I go to try to "change validator", it's saying I have 0 ADA staked... and I can't actually change to any other (system just craps out). My money is basically held hostage/gone, and support is offline.Update: I got an email reply from them with generic know-how, which didn't help in my case. However, my ADA was suddenly available upon rechecking. Sending it caused some error the first few times. I came back a while later and finally managed to take it. Was not a good experience... I am however bumping this up to 2* from 1 since I eventually did get my coin & support did reply.
11 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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