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Android and iOS Multi-currency Wallet.

either scam or terrible ignoring no support

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i dont know how they got such good review,the wallet had many issue, i stil currently got over $1000 ETH and 530 NEXO token stuck in the wallet not able to transfer or do anything, i requested help, initially the support try to help, always comes back the solutions are either i didnt up grade my version which is buillshit, i have checked my version is always the latest version or your address wasnt fully, always comes back is my fault, which isnt true at all, but dont care, all i care is resolving my issue, and now i have provided everything what they asked me to do, but now just ignoreing me for the past 2 dsays, how frastrated when you cant transfer your money out,
Michael Li
25 Oct 2020 by Trustpilot

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