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Newton Project (NEW)

Newton Project

Business Services & Consulting


Newton project is aimed at building an automated business infrastructure ecosystem.


Users of Newton enrich their personal data and control the data through cryptography, and generate their personal credit. Users share the profit produced by data in a pre-agreed manner.

Automatic credit production in a free and open manner on the Newton platform can facilitate better coordination between people and people, people and machines, machines and machines without the authoritative intermediary and can reduce the disturbing factors so that to promote automation and intelligence.

The Newton incentive mechanism is based on replacing business intermediaries with Newton technology protocols, connecting service providers, consumers and other roles through the value-based Internet, the transaction costs of service providers will be directly assigned to the corresponding contributors.

According to the Newton vision, the community economies managed by non-profit foundations will replace the monopoly platforms managed by traditional profitable companies. Each contributor gains the rights and interests from the economy according to the fair, reasonable, and transparent principles, becoming a part of the economy.


Pre-sale start date 01 Jul 2018
Pre-sale end date 31 Jul 2018
Pre-sale token supply 6,000,000,000
Token Sale
IEO start date 16 Apr 2019
IEO end date 16 Apr 2019
IEO token supply 1,500,000,000
Hard cap size 9,516,000 USD (fiat)
Raised 1,107,000 USD
IEO Platform
Launchpad Huobi Prime
Country Limitations China, United States
Registration Country Singapore
Token details
Ticker NEW
Additional Token Emission No
Accepted Currencies


Token distribution

60% - Community

15% - Foundation

15% - Token Exchange

10% - Founding Team


Type of ratings
Hype score

Funding Rounds

Rating Review and Analytics

Investment rating Info NA
Hype score Info Medium
Risk score Info NA
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$1,107,000 Of $9,516,000 (12%)

Start IEO 16 Apr 2019
End IEO 16 Apr 2019
Token NEW
Price 1 NEW = 0.00633714 USD
Launchpad Huobi Prime
Product Type Platform
MVP Alpha
Registration Country Singapore
Country Limitations China, United States
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