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Auditchain (AUDT)


Business Services & Consulting


Auditchain is a decentralized continuous audit & reporting protocol ecosystem.


AuditChain platform will incorporate an open source portal for smart contracts to enable the capture, process, report, and auditing of business and performance data through a continuous independent auditing standard.

AuditChain provides the presentation of balance sheet, income statement, cash flow and statement of changes in stockholders’ equity reports in real time, or “every block”.

AUDT fees are deducted from the collateral stake in connection with the expansion deployment and paid to validating nodes.

Auditchain will include an implementation of an XBRL layer for enterprise internal reporting and compliance and as a tool for research and analytics. The implementation will allow researchers and stakeholders the added benefit of configuring financial statement data in a manner that allows the automated production of proprietary and thesis based reports.


Token Sale
IEO token supply 160,000,000
IEO Platform
Launchpad Exmarkets
Registration Country Switzerland
Registration Year 2017
Token details
Ticker AUDT
Type Utility-token
Additional Token Emission No
Accepted Currencies


Token distribution

64% - token sale

10,3% - reserved and distributable to advisors

10,3% - team

10,4% - reserved and distributable to partners and providers of applications and services to the Auditchain network

5% - reserved and distributable in connection with bounties


Type of ratings
Hype score

Funding Rounds

Rating Review and Analytics

Investment rating Info NA
Hype score Info Low
Risk score Info NA
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Auditchain IEO Contacts
More on IEO
Token AUDT
Price 1 AUDT = 0.1 USD
Launchpad Exmarkets
Product Type Ecosystem
Whitelist Yes
Registration Country Switzerland
Whitepaper View
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