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Gaming & VR


A NEM powered video game distribution/exchange platform which disintermediates established “middle men” (the app stores) and create a direct relationship between the game publishers and gamers


- Provides a platform with all video games having NEM wallets built-in SDK whereby the gamers can exchange XEM for the in-game tokens and vice versa - No need for a linked credit card for in-app purchases, so one has faster transferring using the XEM crypto, thereby reducing publisher risks - It allows the game publishers to rely less on generating revenue from advertisements, which annoy the gamers usually and to make more revenue from in-app purchases - Allows the gamer to realise into crypto currencies as the game rewards are directly linked to cryptocurrencies - The blockchain API’s will allow games on the platform to interact directly with one another using “blockchain nodes,” which in-turn will make any third party middleware irrelevant

Technical Details

CSharp2nem conveniently packages the Nem blockchain solution API's for easier integration into C# projects. Because CSharp2nem handles all cryptographic signing and encryption, it doesn't require a Nem node running locally. This makes it suitable for usage in low power and mobile device application as well as standard desktop applications.


Token details
Ticker XAR
Additional Token Emission No
Accepted Currencies



Token distribution

There is no token distribution as the fund will go entirely into development and for us to deploy the platform to gamers and game publishers.


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Investment rating Info NA
Hype score Info Low
Risk score Info NA
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Token XAR
Registration Country Malaysia
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