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A decentralized, multi-blockchain platform that enables mainstream entrepreneurs and companies to easily launch new DAOs (Bitcoin-based Rootstock / Ethereum).


- Support of popular blockchains (starting with Ethereum and Bitcoin via Rootstock) - Implementation of AI-augmented assistance on top of popular instant messengers, automatic and social purchase actions - Easy process of launching new DAO proposals for companies and entrepreneurs - Easy process of proposal review and participation in projects

Technical Details

In Wings for writing contracts, languages Solidity and Serpent are used. This allows Wings to maintain any blockchain supporting EVM (eg Ethereum, Rootstock, Counterparty). In the future, the developers plan to support different blockchains by pegs, as well as to ensure the absence of commissions for transaction (similar Steemit and IOTA). Initially, the platform will be launched on Rootstock.blockchain Within the framework of platform participants create applications for new projects, vote for or against the project, to make predictions about the success of a project. Each participant has a rating that reflects the quality of its forecasts. Wings DAO uses a liquid democracy model, i.e., members can delegate their prediction right (based on the number of tokens) to another participant. Wings will use one of the most popular systems of decentralized storage, such as IPFS (Interplanetary file system), Sia, Srotj or MaidSafe, to download and store information. To interact with the platform, clients are provided a Desktop, Web client, as well as chat bots for popular instant messengers. Wings tokens perform the following roles: - Miner compensation for transaction processing - Fuel for smart contracts - Anti-Spam Commission - The reward for accurate forecasts - Protection against Sybil-attacks


Token Sale
ICO start date 16 Nov 2016
ICO end date 04 Jan 2017
Raised 1,706,156 USD
ICO Platform No
Registration Country Russian Federation
Token details
Ticker WINGS
Additional Token Emission No
Accepted Currencies


Token distribution

Originally to be released in the form of tokens on the Rootstock blockchain. A total of 100 million Wings tokens shall be created by Wings smart contracts, with 75 million Wings tokens being allocated to Wings DAO-backing campaign donors. The remaining 25 million shall be allocated as follows: - 1.5M — DAO Eggs bounty Egg to WINGS conversion - 1M — Campaign referral rewards - 3M — Current and future advisory - 19.5M —Team, sponsor and foundation general allocation


Type of ratings
Investment Stable+ Expired Arrow Report

Team members

Project & Product Member of 10 ICOs
BizDev and Core Dev Member of 8 ICOs
Marketing & Communications Member of 7 ICOs
Scientific Advisor Member of 5 ICOs
Marketing Advisor Member of 5 ICOs
Strategic Adviser Member of 4 ICOs
Blockchain Developer Member of 2 ICOs
Full Stack Developer Member of this ICO only
Senior Frontend Developer Member of this ICO only
Math Model Developer Member of this ICO only
Community Manager Member of this ICO only
Strategic Advisor Member of this ICO only
Campaign Advisor Member of this ICO only

Funding Rounds


Custom blockchain
Done Done NA NA NA

Rating Review and Analytics

Investment rating Info Stable+
Hype score Info NA
Risk score Info NA


If you're a current tokenholder, you can take part in the vote after completing a KYC procedure and we will deliver this results directly to the project team with 100% guarantee read more

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17.96% 24H
return 0.16x
Start ICO 16 Nov 2016
End ICO 04 Jan 2017
Price 1 WINGS = 0.028 USD
Registration Country Russian Federation
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