vDice (VSL)


ICO start date: 13.11.2016
ICO end date: 13.12.2016
Raised: $ 700,000 USD

Token Details

Ticker: VSL
Additional Token Emission: No
Token price in USD: 1 Token = 0.080000 USD
Accepted Currencies: ETH
Token distribution:

The object of this Crowdsale is the use of a native token of the vDice game called; ‘vSlice’. This token is tied directly to the profits of the vDice game. Holders of vSlice tokens receive a share of vDice's profit, proportional to the amount of tokens held, in a fair and transparent way. ‘vSlice’ tokens behave as any standard ERC20 token. Tokens are very limited in supply. There is a cap.: 96 million tokens. After the Crowdsale (ICO) there will not be any more, ever. vSlice is your share of the profit from vDice.

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