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ICO date: 15.06.2018 - 15.07.2018
Product Type: Technology
Industry: Energy & Utilities

Valena-SVCoin is a Blockchain technology, which integrate in real time the manufacturer of Valena-SV, distributors, industrial enterprises, logistics companies, construction companies with a fleet of special equipment, car owners, and laboratories, which testing the state of lubricant.

  • Blockchain as the global database for machinery, industrial equipment, cargo and passenger transportation
  • Potects from hydrogen wear (hydrogen does not penetrate through the copper Servic membrane);
  • Copper is heat sink element, which helps to reduce the temperature of the lubricant and slow the oxidation of the oil;
  • Valena-SV is a completely oil-soluble complex, absolutely without sediment;
  • Layer of servo vitte film is 1-2 microns and it does not affect the microgeometry and structural features of the mechanisms.
Founded: Russian Federation
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