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ICO date: 17.12.2017 - 31.01.2018
Industry: Transport

Uservice -  is a global decentralized blockchain platform for auto service centers on the base of


    The Uservice system is intended not only for the registration of transactions between car owners and car service centers. It underlies the ecosystem maintenance of motorists, collection and analysis of statistical information, as well as the creation of new business processes in the automotive industry.

    The Uservice is a ready IT-platform for gathering, analytics, formation of a rating system and selection of car-care centers. Introducing into the ecosystem an internal UST token, the Uservice developers created an interaction mechanism of ecosystem participants within a single platform.

    The UST token will be used inside the Uservice ecosystem. Interactions within the platform between the participants of their ecosystem will occur with the help of this token. The UST token may be used by car owners and portal partners.

    In 2019 Uservice will introduce a second USX token, which can be exchanged within the system for UST tokens. This token will be legalized using all necessary procedures as a security of Uservice. In 2020, Uservice will hold an IPO in which the owners of the USX token can become real co-owners of Uservice.

    The UST exchange of USX tokens will be carried out inside the Uservice platform without commission at any time.

Founded: Hong Kong
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