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ICO date: 26.10.2017 - 28.11.2017
Industry: Blockchain Infrastructure

Universa is a blockchain protocol for apps and businesses.


The Universa ecosystem consists of: - Core elements Blockchain Protocol ICO/DAO platform UTN/BTC Wallet Secure Messenger - Enterprise CryptoCloud Universa.Enterprise Decentralized.Fund Blockchain.Appstore - Foundation OpenBackend Foundation Blockchain Academy CryptoNation Foundation

Technical details:

The ​Universa ​blockchain ​is ​a ​cooperative ​ledger ​of ​state ​changes, ​performed ​by licensed ​and ​trusted ​nodes. ​The speed of the blockchain is ​achieved ​​by ​performing ​contract ​executions ​on-client ​and ​verifying their ​output ​by ​90% consensus ​algorithm ​in ​the ​creation ​of ​each ​new ​block. The ​Universa ​Nodes ​primary ​function ​is ​to execute ​contracts ​and ​verify ​state. In ​Universa, permission ​to ​create ​new ​blocks ​comes ​from participation ​as ​a ​licensed ​node. ​Therefore, rather ​than ​waiting ​for ​a ​new ​block ​to ​be ​mined, a ​state ​change ​can ​occur ​at ​any ​time, ​verified by ​a ​trusted ​actor, ​and ​often ​approved ​by consensus ​in ​less ​than ​ten ​milliseconds ​even at ​scale. ​Each ​separate ​contract ​maintains ​its own ​chain ​of ​state, ​so ​a ​contract ​can ​perform ​actions ​asynchronously ​without ​blocking ​or affecting ​other contracts, ​and ​the ​combined ​changes ​of ​state ​collectively ​form ​a ​directed ​acyclical ​graph ​(“DAG”) ​that ​makes up ​the ​blockchain ​itself.

Website: universa.io
Whitepaper: Whitepaper

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