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Internet & Telecommunications


TV-TWO is a blockchain-based Open Platform that helps to decentralize the TV ecosystem in order to spread the oligopolistic surplus of TV networks among Consumers, Content Creators and Advertisers.


TV-TWO Token for Television (TTV) is a token that administers the exchanged value between consumers, content providers and advertisers. TV-TWO  Advertisers give tokens to users for watching sponsored videos and sharing anonymous user data. Content TV-TWO Providers get tokens and insights from users for ordering premium video content.

TV-TWO  Consumers accumulate tokens that they can store in their wallet and order onexchanges.

The TV-TWO application is designed for Smart TVs with an active Internet connection.

All Samsung, LG, Toshiba, TP Vision and Panasonic TVs from 2012 onward will be supported.

TV-TWO is an open platform for content providers from every genre. Participants in the decentralized ecosystem can be traditional players like major movie and music producers, online-only players, like sport and independent news platforms, and small creators, like travel blogs and food reviews.

TV-TWO is an application for Connected TVs that offers regular consumers of broadcast television an easy way to transition into a world with a personalized video stream.

A major part of the solution is the fact that the traditional broadcast signal is watched through the app.


Token Sale
ICO start date 24 May 2018
ICO end date 24 Jul 2018
ICO token supply 500,000,000
Soft cap 2,500 ETH
ICO Platform No
Registration Country Germany
Registration Year 2017
Token details
Ticker TTV
Type Utility-token
Additional Token Emission No
Accepted Currencies



Bonus Program

20% discount

Linear decrease to 10% until Withdrawal Lock

Decrease to 0% until Sale Completion

Token distribution

Available for purchase - 75%

Team - 15%

Supporters - 6%

Campaigns - 4%

Funds allocation

Engineering - 60%

Marketing - 14%

Partner - 10%

Legal - 10%

Contingency - 6%


Type of scores
Hype score High Active
Risk score Medium Active

Team members

Coinpayments & Parallel Payments, Advisor. Experience: Blockchain Association, Lydian ICO, Pindify ICO. Member of 6 ICOs
FinTech & Marketing Consultant, Advisor. Experience: Banking, Crypto Investor, UTRUST ICO. Member of 3 ICOs
Blockchain Developer Member of 2 ICOs
Blockchain Consultant & Keynote Speaker, Advisor. Experience: Booz Allen Hamilton, Betrium ICO, e-Chat ICO. Member of 2 ICOs
Co-Founder Gimli, Advisor. Experience: Token Economics, ICO Campaigns. Member of 2 ICOs
Startup & Cryptocurrency copywriter, Supporter. Member of 2 ICOs
FTC Asian Regional Director, Advisor. Experience: Investment Banker, Speaker, trade.io ICO. Member of 2 ICOs
Strategy Expert & Startup Mentor, Advisor Member of 2 ICOs
Governing Board of Ethereum (2016) Member of this ICO only
Co-Founder Member of this ICO only
Head of Business Development Member of this ICO only
Software Engineer and Crypto Investor Member of this ICO only
TV Tracking and Attribution Expert, Advisor. Experience: MD Affinitas (IPO), Director Marketing Project A. Member of this ICO only
Back-end developer Member of this ICO only
CFO Member of this ICO only
Co-Founder Member of this ICO only
Tech Entrepreneur & Angel Investor, Advisor. Experience: Physics at Imperial College and MIT, McKinsey. Member of this ICO only
Blockchain Investor at High-Tech Gründerfonds, Advisor. Experience: Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Zalando. Member of this ICO only

Funding Rounds

Rating Review and Analytics

Investment rating Info NA
Hype score Info High
Risk score Info Medium
TV-TWO ICO Contacts


Start ICO 24 May 2018
End ICO 24 Jul 2018
Token TTV
Price 1 TTV = 0.033289 USD
Product Type App
MVP Only design
Registration Country Germany
Whitepaper View
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