TravelerToken (TLT)

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ICO date: 21.05.2018 - 20.06.2018
Industry: Travel & Tourism

TravelerToken is a blockchain-based payment system for the travel industry.


The TravelerToken (TLT) will be the standard method of payment in the TLT ecosystem.

The TravelerToken blockchain is critical to the operation of other applications and to the financial well-being of the consortium, therefore every member will participate in its operation.

TravelerToken users may use a standard debit card to withdraw TravelerToken anywhere in the world in the local currency.

TravelerToken will offer a standardized, cooperative loyalty program with automatic smart contracts and instant gratification, as well as a cross-platform rating system, based on real interactions and incorruptible, trustworthy data.

Users are able to buy TravelerToken on established exchanges and trade them into any FIAT or crypto currency.

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