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Gaming & VR


A decentralized, transferable, multi-platform, in-game currency that can be earned, and exchanged into fiat or cryptocurrencies


-The Tap Coin is a new ERC20 token that is supported by projects and other services that are written on the blockchain - Seamless transferable token that is integrated into developer platforms and thus can be assigned to individual gaming accounts - Simple process for earning Tap Coins during gameplay - Code can simply be added to current in-game currency models

Technical Details

Currently, Tap Coin will be running off the Ethereum Blockchain using the TTT token. User has the ability to convert the in-game currency using smart-contracts and vice versa. Game integration allows developers to preset the value of in-game currency and TTT tokens which can be converted into Fiat currency if chosen. Each gamer account will seamlessly be tied to an address, smart contracts will control conversion rates of in-game currency.


Token Sale
ICO start date 03 Oct 2017
ICO end date 03 Dec 2017
Hard cap size 34,710,800 USD (fiat)
Registration Country Canada
Token details
Ticker TTT
Additional Token Emission No
Accepted Currencies


Token distribution

The final number of tokens will be determined by the results of the ICO. -Crowdfunding Participants Sale: 750,000,000 TTT (50%): This number includes coins that were offered in the Early Contribution Phase. - TAP Project Team: 150,000,000 TTT (10%): These coins will be distributed to the team. Coins will be subject to a period of illiquidity. These coins will also be used to incentivize future employee expansion and future development over 5 years. - Tap Legacy: 120,000,000 TTT (8%): Tap coins allocated will compensate an investor stakeholders, and founders who contributed to the progress of the TAP project over the past years. These coins will be made immediately available and will be allocated proportional to each person’s contribution. - TAP Participant Rewards: 30,000,000 (2%): These coins will be used to compensate crowdfunding participants for bringing in significant value after the crowdfunding sale. - Tap Project Foundation: 450,000,000 TTT (30%): These coins will be used to create developer partnerships for gaming within the TAP project. The foundation will also be used to reward innovative indie game developers to help foster the implementation of TAP coins into their games. These TTT coins will be managed by the TAP Foundation group.


Type of ratings
Risk score

Funding Rounds


Exchange name
Volume 24H
Switzerland $175.1M 227
Singapore $236.1M 179
British Virgin Islands $210.2M 175

Rating Review and Analytics

Investment rating Info NA
Hype score Info Low
Risk score Info High
Tapproject ICO Contacts
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Start ICO 03 Oct 2017
End ICO 03 Dec 2017
Token TTT
Price 1 TTT = 0.1 USD
Registration Country Canada
Whitepaper View
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