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ICO date: 14.08.2017 - 01.09.2017
Industry: Prediction Markets

A blockchain based decentralised restaurant recommendation platform, providing trustworthy restaurant information and reviews worldwide by rewarding reviewers with tokens.


Users are rewarded tokens for high quality restaurant reviews, food and restaurant photos, corrections and edits to restaurant information, as well as the translation of restaurant information. Users will also receive a percentage of the advertising fee restaurants they've contributed to. SynchroLife's token economy incentives users to help to maintain and grow the decentralized restaurant information database by adding new restaurants, marking closes restaurants, and updating any changed information. Search results, rating timelines, and daily recommendations are all personalized. SynchroCoin tokens will be distributed to users based on smart contracts.

Technical details:

SynchroLife’s original token, the SynchroCoin (SYC), will be made on the Ethereum blockchain and used to reward users who post high quality restaurant reviews and photos, add new restaurants, update business information, edit information, add information, or translate the restaurant information, and more. Users who contribute to the improvement and growth of the platform will be rewarded for their time and content. The SynchroCoin (SYC) token will also be combined with Ethereum smart contracts to allow users to get a small percentage of advertising and marketing fees which restaurants they have provided content or information for pay

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