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Industry: Supply & Logistics

SupplyBloc is an approach to Supply-Chain infrastructure.


SupplyBloc Technology offers the ability to decentralize the globalization process, allowing all businesses, including small to midsize regional enterprises, to effectively expand their reach into foreign markets. Through decentralization, SupplyBloc is able to eliminate many of the pitfalls and boundaries associated with the interactions and transactions that are continuously taking place between Growers, Manufacturers, Producers, Distributors, Transportation Service Providers, Wholesalers, Retailers, and the Consumer or end-user within a globalized industry. 
SupplyBloc offers its API to application developers as a way of integrating their services with the SupplyBloc system. With the use of this API, developers can implement applications that focus on administrative tasks, financial data, and supply-chain tasks.

Use of the SUPX tokens in SupplyBloc architecture is designed to minimize the time it takes for a particular payment cycle to complete. It also assists in enhancing the stability of financial transactions in the supply-chain operations. 

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