Status (SNT)


ICO start date: 18.06.2017
ICO end date: 18.06.2017
Raised: $ 100,000,000 USD

Token Details

Ticker: SNT
Additional Token Emission: No
Token price in USD: 1 Token = 0.020000 USD
Accepted Currencies: ETH
Token distribution:

Max investment goal: 12M CHF (Swiss Francs) equivalent in ETH The number of SNT created depends on the amount of contributions received by the smart contract. Crowdsale token supply - 41% Status Genesis Token Holders - up to 10% Status Core Dev - 20% Status Reserve - 29% Reserve will be held by in a multisig and are intended to be slowly ofered to future contributors and stakeholders in the network periodically at a later date to foster growth. The Reserve will not be accessed for a minimum of 4 quarters (12 months), and will be re-locked or burned if deemed unnecessary for the growth of the network.

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