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ICO date: 16.04.2018 - 31.05.2018
Industry: Computing & Data Storage

Squeezer is a platform that helps software developers to builds apps without tackling the entire blockchain infrastructure.


developers to connect to any blockchain and use a sandbox to test the apps. Squeezer will also provide blockchain software components to large enterprise organizations. Squeezer will use such microservices platforms as Google Functions, Azure Functions and AWS Lambda.

Squeezer introduces own ERC20-standard utility token (SQZR). Squeezer token (SQZR) is the core utility used by developers to build and deploy apps on the Squeezer Platform.

Squeezer will offer several solutions: microservices, the Squeezer framework and blockchain connector.

Through the microservice infrastructure Squeezer will allow users to develop software applications a suite if independently deployable, small, modular services.

The Squeezer framework is currently utilized on large web and API projects that scale and expand as microservices. To integrate it with blockchain Squeezer will use blockchain connector, the solution of connecting microservices to blockchain through creating a simple interface that will enable software developers to conduct blockchain transactions without having to deal with the blockchain genesis code or create complex components.

Squeezer will provide developers with the following features:

  • Possibility to develop projects on any preferred time-frame
  • Possibility to deploy the newly added infrastructure
  • Possibility to test the new features and skip the already tested ones

Founded: Belize
Technical details:

Ability to use technology stack that is more suitable for developers: .JS, .CS, .JAVA, .PY.

Website: tokensale.squeezer.io
Whitepaper: Whitepaper

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Investment rating
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High 3.4 / 5.0
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