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ICO date: 24.07.2017 - 24.08.2017
Industry: Real Assets

Secured by a land asset, a project of a cottage settlement with a quality infrastructure


- According to founders Investing in Sosnovkino at the stage of ICO will make a profit of 300% with the estimated investment return period is two years - The land asset is not subject to inflation and volatility of the cryptocurrency, therefore it is a reliable investment tool. - Investors have total control at all investment stages over operations of the foundation. - Since December, 2018, after the completion of the construction of the engineering communications, all investors will begin to receive dividends monthly in the selected cryptocurrency on their accounts - After the end of the project and the sale of all land plots, all engineering communications and roads will remain in the foundation ownership. The income from the exploitation of this property will be annually paid to investors as dividends

Founded: Russian Federation
Technical details:

SNKCoin is a set of smart contracts, built using Ethereum platform and Solidity programming language. Smart contract terms and conditions: • Investor' anonymousness • Dividends distribution • Investments secured by the land asset • Blockchain vote for important managerial decisions SNKCoin also implements EIP20, also known as Standardized Contract API. EIP20 compatibility ensures that integration with exchanges and other services will be no harder than for any other Ethereum-based token.

Whitepaper: Whitepaper

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