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Computing & Data Storage


A project of decentralized global supercomputer that intends to create the p2p market of computer capacities that can solve various types of resource intensive tasks – from scientific calculations to websites hosting and rendering of computer graphics


SONM provides a computing platform for real world applications: worldwide computations organized using SONM can serve to complete numerous tasks from CGI rendering to scientific computations.

Virtual currency used for payments in SONM is SNM token. It is aa ERC-20 standard token, based on Ethereum. Token has a function of payment equivalent of computing powers. Token is designed as a utility token.

The defining feature of SONM is its decentralized open structure, where Customers and Suppliers can interact with no middlemen, while building a market for them, unlike cloud services. Decentralized computational power marketplace of SONM allows the customers to find each other and get the best prices.

SONM users join the market of mining and the market of calculations using traditional cloud providers.

 SONM Suppliers are the resource owners. SONM Suppliers can earn tokens by selling computing power peer-to-peer to Customers to perform their calculations.

SONM is abstracted from the computing architecture (currently only amd64 support is implemented, it will be expanded in the future), abstracted from the virtualization technology (Docker support is currently implemented, and others will be supported in the future).

Technical Details

Implements fog computing structure – a decentralized pool of devices, all of which are connected to the internet (IoT / Internet of Everything). From a technical point of view, SONM has a top layer of underlying P2P technologies – BitTorrent for data transfer, modified P2P BOINC protocol as a scientific platform, Ethereum Smart Contracts as a PoE (Proof of Execution) and consensus system, BitMessage for communication etc. SONM token, based on Ethereum blockchain.


Token Sale
ICO start date 13 Jun 2017
ICO end date 16 Jun 2017
Raised 42,000,000 USD
Token details
Ticker SNM
Additional Token Emission No
Accepted Currencies


Token distribution

Total token supply: 444000000 SNM Pre-ICO: 5.46% Nountu campaign: 2000000 SNM SONM team: 9.1% SONM Ecosystem fund: 10% Max cap: 117337 ETH


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Funding Rounds


Custom blockchain
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Rating Review and Analytics

Investment rating Info NA
Hype score Info High
Risk score Info NA
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2.51% 24H
return 0.12x
Start ICO 13 Jun 2017
End ICO 16 Jun 2017
Token SNM
Price 1 SNM = 0.16 USD
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