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ICO date: 30.10.2017 - 29.11.2017
Industry: Internet & Telecommunications

Smschain is a framework between Telecom companies, which will deliver A2P (Application-to-Person) SMS through users wanting to exchange their unused SMS for financial rewards.


SMSCHAIN provides an Android application and technical blockchain infrastructure that enables the delivery and semi-automatic trade of SMS messages between Units and SMS Aggregators.

Technical details:

SMSChain Protocol is a protocol built on-top of the blockchain infrastructure with a native token. Sending Entities distribute the tokens for sending text messages and the Miners earn tokens by delivering the messages to the end receivers. SMSChain Protocol consists of 4-subprotocol levels, which define the rules and algorithms for different parts of the distributed delivery network operations: SMS Market Protocol (Orders) Message Flow Protocol (Messages) Antifraud/Anti-Spam Protocol Billing Protocol (Billing) Testing Infrastructure Protocol (Test)

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