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ICO date: 26.10.2017 - 25.11.2017
Industry: Real Assets

Smarthland platform is designed to create a new class of low-risk future-proof tokens, secured by real, profitable assets in agriculture.


- Development of smart contracts, allowing tokens to be placed on the platform with optimal logic for each type of ABT, including all necessary functionality written into the smart contract in the form of a legal agreement - Software development that provides a convenient way to obtain all necessary information for the decision making of each of the parties, including the owner of the asset and the investor, including automation solutions - Defining rules for legal structures of each ABT; these rules are designed to protect the interests of investors and minimize any legal risks, ensuring the mandatory implementation of any decisions made by token holders - Setting up rules of technical inspection of assets before and after any tokenization to ensure the agricultural company remains transparent and honest about its assets - Monitoring of token dynamics, identification and prevention of negative events, and illegal actions against token holders - Advising in solving problems and conflicts, including the establishment of an arbitration chamber that resolves conflicts in the event of the request and consent of both parties (both parties need to consent to being bound by the rules) - Introduction of new types of asset backed tokens, or ABTs - Marketing ABTs and the Smartlands platform overall - Entering into partnerships and cooperation agreements with state bodies responsible for regulating the securities market to explain the benefits of asset tokenization

Technical details:

Ethereum erc-20 standard token.

Whitepaper: Whitepaper

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