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Industry: Transport

Logistics and transportation industry end-to-end technology platform powered by blockchain technology


    The ShipChain is dedicated to building to an open ecosystem. The ShipChain contract will include a hash sum signature of the delivery information for the shipment, including beginning address, final delivery point, carriers used, weight, dimensions, quantities, HS codes, intermediary data, and more.

    The ShipChain contract will be completed on delivery, with validations and waypoints recorded. Carrier partners will be able to pull data from the ShipChain tracking system and post to their systems and websites for wide use, creating a unified tracking system that eliminates the need for internal P.R.O. numbers or multiple tracking numbers.

    The ShipChain will allow open access to its blockchain marketplace, but also build the first platform of services upon it, ShipChain Web Platform, a centralized system for booking and managing freight shipments across many carriers and modes of transportation.

    The ShipChain Web platform connecting to the blockchain will allow users to pay either directly in tokens they hold, or purchase tokens from ShipChain for booking freight.

    The ShipChain will form for various rewards, such as gift cards, fuel discounts, and more.

Technical details:

The ShipChain Contract is an Ethereum EVM smart contract that can be duplicated and used by anyone to orchestrate a shipping escrow on the distributed ledger. 


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