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Product Type: Platform
Industry: Data Analytics

Sense tokens are Ethereum tokens, which can be used to buy and sell databses.


Sense tokens are used to sell any database between two users.

Sense developers can create their applications to be compatible with these tokens out of the box. In the long-haul, there would be no need to reingeneer the process whenever there is the advent of a new token system.

Sense database owners will upload databases to the Sense system. Databases will be partitioned to particular records and hashed.

If Sense buyer of databases own their own databases with records, uploads and hashes will be compared with the counterparty.

Before the transaction start, the seller shows the buyer a few random records, to check the data quality. Duplicate records will be returned to Sense sellers and Sense buyers.

When the transaction starts, sellers set maximum and minimum amount of records and other parameters.

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