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Science & Research


The SciDex Protocol enables users to automatically generate unforgeable, compliant, human readable and adaptable smart contracts at scale via plain text input. This empowers mainstream businesses to use smart contracts to provide services or exchange goods.


SciDex is a decentralized MarketSpace which enables, simplifies and standardizes the exchange of Scientific data. It's a protocol and a system that subsidizes and incentivizes different contributors to create and share data. SciDex's goal is to become the go to place to acquire, sell or request any form of services and contribution around scientific data by SciToken. This will not only reduce the inefficient redundancies in data creation but will empower collaboration and propulse scientific research to new heights.

SciDex has developed an array of tools to break the dominance of scientific data corporations and foundations, including:

  • A marketplace where scientists and professionals of all stripes can buy and sell the data they need (using SciToken) without the interference of the major institutions
  • A cryptocurrency, the SciToken, that rewards everyone who contributes to the platform
  • Smart contracts, or contracts that enact their own provisions using instructions from the blockchain, to ensure exchanges go smoothly
  • Artificial intelligence technology that allows users to search through enormous amounts of information and find the specific data they need


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Ticker SCI
Additional Token Emission No


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Investment rating Info NA
Hype score Info High
Risk score Info NA
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